award page illustration

2020 September: 15th Pollux Award

Honorable Mention in the category Open theme

2020 May: 15th Julia Margaret Cameron Award

Winner in the category Open Theme

Honorable Mention in the category Fine Art

2019 November: PH21 Gallery, Budapest

Honorable Mention in the contest Staged

2018 oktober: Julia Margaret Cameron Award 

Winner in the category Portraits

Honorable Mention in the category Fine Art

2018 May: Barcelona International Photography Award


2018 March: 11th Pollux Award

Runner Up in the category Portraits

2017 June: 2nd Charles Dodsons Award

Honorable Mention in the category Portraits

2016 November: 9th Pollux Award 

Finalist in the category Fine Art

2015: two prizes Nikon-NRC photo contest

6th prize in the NRC-Nikon photo contest of February 2015 with the theme “At home” with this photo.

and a 3rd prize in April 2015 with the theme “Love” with this photo!